I'm in the hospital right now because I'm pregnant and am having difficulties with my diabetes. A nurse just walked in and gave me a blanket for me and my baby that someone from your organization made. It brought me to tears. To think that someone cared enough to make a blanket for someone they didn't know warms my heart. I can't wait to have my son and hold him in my arms with this blanket. Thank you so much from the both of us.

Contessa Mosley

I'm so impressed with this organization. It's great to make a contribution, and I plan to become a regular contributor.

Judith Hegewald

This is such a generous group. I have created, assembled, and donated dozens of afghans, hats, and scarves to local charities because of their donated squares and yarn. Warm Up America is making a difference all over the United States. I'm humbled to be a part of their efforts.

Amy McKenzie

I am impressed with the work you all have been doing and I look forward to joining the fun of making my first afghan. I wanted to do something with my hands and enjoy quilting, maybe this will help me too. Thanks for all that you all do and have done.

Linda Ladd

Warm Up America is a fantastic way to care for their community by crocheting, knitting scarves, hats, mittens, prayer shawls, and afghans to help people stay warm and show them that they care about people.

Ella Rambo

Thank you very much for coming out to west dallas community I really appreciate all the scarfs and hats that was provided.

Marshel McWilliams