May 11, 2018

Kids Care...What one Carrollton 5th grader is doing to warm up people in need

Contact: Sarah Guenther

Kids Care...What one Carrollton 5th grader is doing to warm up people in need
Carrollton, TX (May 14, 2017) - For a lot of fifth graders, solving a complicated community problem isn’t at the top of their priority list. 

But one student in Carrollton saw a problem in her community and an organization making a difference and decided to help. Jalyn Bessonette is a gifted and talented student at Indian Creek Elementary and was tasked with brainstorming ways to solve a problem in her community. 

Bessonette chose to contact Warm Up America! after witnessing the impact the organization has had on its community and around the country. She worked with the organization to raise money at Indian Creek over a three-week period. She also made the fundraiser into a competition by allowing each kindergarten class to raise money together. 

“The students were asked to do a project to give back to the community and/or make an impact,” said Arielle Lewin, a teacher at Indian Creek. “This was Jalyn’s project of choice. With a little guidance and a lot of passion, she made this happen.”

Bessonette created a flyer that she distributed throughout her school and even spoke to the PTA about her fundraising efforts, as well as various classes throughout the school. 

Altogether, Bessonette and her fellow students raised $90 for Warm Up America! On Tuesday, May 22, representatives from Warm Up America! will visit the gifted and talented class to accept the donation and speak to the class about the organization's work. 


Started in a small Wisconsin town with neighbors knitting and crocheting afghans for neighbors in need, Warm Up America! is a charity that has warmed people's lives since 1991. Founder Evie Rosen came up with the idea of having volunteers knit or crochet small sections and then others join them together to make a full afghan, which quickly caught on. Thanks to the generosity of knitters and crocheters around the country, today Warm Up America! distributes warm afghans, caps and other items to tens of thousands of people in need.